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Who Is This Fluff Of The Fancy?

Who Is This Fluff Of The Fancy?

21 Nov / 2016

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Here you will find information on the "Fluff of the Fancy" as this wooly little rabbit breed is known. The Jersey Wooly is one of the dwarf domestic rabbit breeds. They are popular rabbits for show and exhibition. Jersey Woolies are known for their friendly temperament. They come in a variety of colors and make excellent pets. The Jersey Wooly was first introduced at the 1984 and in 1988, it became a recognized breed. Today, the Jersey Wooly is that, and much more, as one of the most popular breeds of rabbits exhibited around. The Jersey Wooly Rabbit is a small, furry critter. Their fur is not satiny smooth but woolen. The Jersey Wooly Rabbit breed was introduced in 1984 and recognized in 1988. Like many other dwarf rabbit breeds, the Jersey Wooly Rabbit breed was developed exclusively for the pet trend.

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