Your New Cat Why Are the First 24 Hours So Important

Your New Cat Why Are the First 24 Hours So Important

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Animal Shelters are quite aware of adoption in haste. Many cats are returned accompanied by reasons such as, "This cat just didn't work out, can I look at another?", or "The cat doesn't like us. He hides in the closet all the time." Inadequate preparation of the new home and psychological preparation of the new owner are at the heart of the problem.

The cage was small, but the people were nice and Tiger felt safe. He was fed, petted and regularly groomed. Still, it wasn’t home. Tiger had been ‘home’, and still had vague memories of the woman who had cared for him and the other cats who lived with her.
Then he had been taken to this place, and had been here so long he had almost forgotten ‘home’, and the woman.There was uneasiness here, though, and Tiger felt it. Something was about to happen. Something bad.Then two humans came in. He was put in a cage with them. He jumped up in the woman’s lap. He was put in a dark place that bumped and jostled. He heard strange, scary noises. He howled, and a male voice answered with noises he couldn’t understand.

Then there was light. And TERROR!
A small hand reached for him and tried to grab him. There were people he didn’t know; they all approached him. There was another cat that arched and spat.
Then, horror of horrors…

There was a dog!
Tiger fled. He fled down a long corridor and bolted through the first open door he found. He hid in the darkest place he could find…among soft and hard things he didn’t recognize. He heard voices. He heard the dog bark, and he shuddered. He heard the child’s high pitched voice, and a woman’s voice…which were easier to bear.