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Are There Benefits To Having Two Pooches?

Are There Benefits To Having Two Pooches?

07 Feb / 2018

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When you're not home and can't provide entertainment for your pooch, another dog in the household can be a comfort. It also can often prevent boredom and resulting behavioral issues. Although owning multiple dogs can work well for some households, it's not suitable in all situations.

Canine Companionship and Socialization
If you have a busy work schedule and spend a lot of time out of the home, having two dogs can help your peace of mind. Your dogs can play with each other, which can be effective for keeping boredom and lack of stimulation at bay. Boredom and inadequate stimulation can trigger destructive canine behaviors such as chewing, pacing, digging and excessive barking. Not only can constant companionship help prevent behavioral troubles, but it can help to eliminate or minimize separation anxiety.

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