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Bird Feeding!!

Bird Feeding!!

20 Mar / 2018

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Bird Food & Nutrition:
When it comes to food, your pet needs a balanced diet as well as lots of clean water to stay in tip top shape. Feeding your bird correctly for maximum health has never been easier than it is now. For a long time, the standard way to feed pet birds was to buy a seed mix, and possibly supplement the seeds with some fresh greens and a piece of fruit. Most kinds of pet birds see seed mixes as tasty, but the mixes are fattening and lack many essential nutrients. As a result, many pets died young from preventable diseases.
In the past couple decades, research into avian nutrition has made huge strides. This research has resulted in excellent pellet foods and ready-to-serve mixes for many species of bird, which will help ensure a long healthy life for your pet.

Birds Need Fresh, Clean Water:
All types of birds need to have fresh, clean water available all the time. In the wild, some flocks of doves travel for more than sixty miles every morning and every night to get to water. The trick is keeping the water fresh and clean. Your bird will get food, and feathers, and possibly droppings in his water dish, even if you use a hopper instead of an open bowl. Clean the dish and replace the water twice a day.

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