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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

24 Jan / 2018

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Many dogs love to channel their inner cow and graze on grass. Some are even particular about what type of grass they eat. Is this behavior a sign of a nutritional deficiency or illness and is it safe?
Grass eating is a common behavior and one get asked about all the time. Some dogs will indiscriminately eat any grass, some are more selective. Some dogs loves the tender young shoots in a particular area of the yard, but ignores all other grass. Mostly we want to know if grass eating is a sign of the dog feeling unwell or if something is missing from the diet. The truth is no one knows exactly why dogs eat grass, but there are a number of theories.
Bird Cleaning

Bird Cleaning

17 Jan / 2018

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Bird Grooming and Cleaning
There’s no getting around it, birds are messy. Given a chance and the proper tools, they keep themselves clean and well-groomed, but you’ll need to clean their cage.
Birds spend an average of a third of their waking time preening and grooming them own. If they are flocking birds, as most pet birds are, they might groom each other, too. As long as they are not actively pulling out their feathers (a potentially-dangerous condition known as ‘French molt’), this self-grooming is a good thing. The down and contour feathers are essential defenses against the weather and other hazards, and the flight feathers need to be in good shape for efficient flying. For most water birds, grooming also allows the animal to water-proof its coat so it can both keep warm in the water and avoid uncontrolled sinking.
Keeping the bird’s home clean is your responsibility, however. This is a constant effort, as the cage should be cleaned every day and the surrounding area will need to be tended frequently. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult. A little preventative maintenance can work wonders.

Skin Problems In Cats; Common Causes And Treatment

Skin Problems In Cats; Common Causes And Treatment

16 Jan / 2018

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What percentage of a cat’s waking time does she spend grooming?
a. 10%
b. 50%
c. 60 %

The answer is around (b) 50 % of her time, when awake. (Cats take sleeping to professional levels, with 16 to 20 hours out of every 24 spent napping). Grooming keeps a cat’s coat clean and odor free, which for hunting makes fur the equivalent of an invisibility cloak. But grooming also plays a major part in keeping her skin healthy. One thing’s for sure, if your cat has sore or scabby skin, get her seen by a vet. Skin disease is a strong sign that something is wrong, be that with the skin itself or as a complication of another problem.

Skin Disease as a Complication:
When a cat’s fur becomes dull and starry, it’s a fair bet that she’s not grooming properly. That matted fur may be an important clue that’s she poorly and doesn’t feel up to washing today.

Responsible Pet Ownership For Kids

Responsible Pet Ownership For Kids

15 Jan / 2018

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Having pets and children can be like combining chocolate and peanut butter or peas and carrots, whichever you prefer.  Both parties can really benefit and learn from each other as long as responsible measures are taken.   Kids can play a huge role in taking care of pets as long as you teach them how to properly care for their critters.  However, keep in mind that being a pet owner is a for-life project.  It requires daily attention to a family pet that can’t be ignored even for one day.

Loving the Hand That Feeds Them
Let’s face it, most animals are very food driven (most humans are too!)  Pets take on a special admiration for the people that provide their meals so you might as well make that person your child.  Taking over the feeding and watering chores provides your child not only with the opportunity to be put on a pedestal by their pet, but also can teach time telling and measuring skills.  If you have your pet’s meals more or less on a schedule at the same time each day, teaching your kid about that schedule will help them learn how to use a clock.  Pets are also great tellers of time too, so they will remind your child if dinner is being served a little late.  Pet feeding can also become a lesson in math as pet’s food should be measured out each time and can help your child learn their fractions.

Bone Cancer In Dogs

Bone Cancer In Dogs

12 Jan / 2018

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Canine cancer can be a dog owners’ worst nightmare and few other cancers are as terrifying as bone cancer. Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer found in dogs, accounting for around 85% of total bone tumors.  It is aggressive, quick to spread or metastasize, and difficult to treat. Below we list the symptoms, treatment options, and outcomes of osteosarcoma in our canine companions. 

Nobody knows why this disease happens. Unlike cancers such as melanoma, there is no real link to lifestyle or exposure. Most affected dogs usually have the following characteristics in common:

  • Giant, large and medium dog breeds are more greatly affected than smaller breeds.
  • Middle-aged. It is rarely seen in young dogs or in dogs older than eight or nine.
  • Males show a higher incidence than females.
  • There is some hypothesis about metallic implants used for fracture repairs causing greater tumor existence, as well as radiation exposure from treating a previous tumor in the same area. Both need more research to confirm.

Are You Ready for a Pet Bird?

Are You Ready for a Pet Bird?

11 Jan / 2018

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Coming home to the enthusiastic greetings of your flock after a long day at work is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Before you add companion birds to your family, though, check these tips and make sure you’re prepared for the leap.
Songbirds and pigeons are intelligent, social animals. (Okay, some people might quibble about the intelligence of some rock pigeons…) The same cleverness and flocking instincts that make them particularly attractive pets are also reflected in some of the difficulties in keeping them healthy.

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