Hey Great Website......and super fast delivery....


Kudos to great work by team Petshop18


I bought one pet carrier for my lhasa apso and am fully satisfied with the product and services...


its a really good website,and provide tremendous online services.

-suresh chauhan

superb delivery


Very good site with nice price,product ,shipping.But now discount is over now.Thanks For giving gift for every purchase.


I odered one china wall toy for my fish aquirium on 19th May 2016, that's not recieved till today???

-Shameem Alam

I would like to end your troubles by canceling my order(30265), not bothering you people anymore following up for delivery. Its always better to get the stuff yourself from offline stores, not begging you people to deliver on time. Thanks for this wonderful pathetic experience, when your beloved pet has to go hungry for a day expecting delivery indefinitely.


I am really disappointed with the services of this entity. Its been days since i have made an order. First it went to an missing order and now they are not giving me any confirmation as to the days in which my product will arrive. They just want that the customer keep on calling them again and again. I think this will be my last experience with this entity.

-Rajneesh Anand

The experience had been good till the last order. Order No: 30899. Said to have been dispatched in two lots-the first package has still not arrived and the consignment no for the second has still not been received after 1 and half months. The phone calls remains answered and if received very irresponsible answers are given by some very incompetent staff on the other end. Just waiting for these people to get up from their sleep and do some work or provide some answers at least. If not please pull your shutters down and don't give false promises to people. Totally Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

-Bhaskar Jyoti Gogoi

*****I am very unhappy with the service provided by Petshop18.. I placed and order on 31st August and I didn't receive any update on my order for 1 week then when I have cancelled the order its again a weeks time that I have not received any update on my refund and there is no status update on the website aswell.. I want a refund and I am sure that has not been initiated yet.. I now doubt the Happy customer testimonial submitted by all the user.. *****


I was told that if I ordered today I would get delivery in 4 days. I have not received a reply to my emails as to the likely date of delivery. It is incumbent that likely date of delivery should be informed.


I have been writing on the status of my order and I receive no reply except that we have received your order relax we are on it and telephone calls are not being responded to or emails replied. Cannot understand what is the business about.


I have ordered Royal Canin for my pet. The services are based out of Gurgaon while I live in Delhi, and it should have been delivered within a day of order. However the pathetic customer support has neither replied to my query nor bothered to update me reg the delay in delivery. Never buying from this website again, very disappointing services. My suggestion is to go with Heads Up For Tails. My delivery from them has already reached me.

-Surabhi Singh

Update: Its been 4 days and my product has still not reached me. Its a local delivery and there are new excuses everyday. Today the customer support executive Ms Natasha tells me she called me once while I was at work today, since I could not pick up she ASSUMED I will not want the delivery, despite a confirmed online payment. I use online transactions all the time and this is the first time I have had an issue with delivery. The owner of this so called website is supposedly non-existent and cannot be reached. Shut it down if you cannot serve well guys!

-Surabhi Singh

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